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Saleh Muqattash

Message from the Chairman & CEO

CCTC is a renowned EPIC service provider in the UAE and Middle East. During its 40 years in business, CCTC has grown from its base in Abu Dhabi to establish business interests in Qatar and Azerbaijan. CCTC has extended capabilities through its associate companies, who each have scope for specialized engineering sectors.


The engineering and construction sectors are constantly evolving. We strive to ensure that we are capable of meeting those changes in both areas, by constantly updating our technical expertise through training and a constant pursuit of organizational improvement. CCTC has gained recognition for its work from many quarters including clients and industry alike. Particular emphasis is placed on the importance of our clients and the need to provide a quality service. Our client-centred approach ensures that our client’s requirements remain the focal point of our work.


CCTC has an important role to play as a corporate citizen and takes this responsibility seriously. The protection of our living environment, empowerment of our staff and contribution to transparent business activity, all rank as important elements of CCTC’s business ethics. Consequently, all projects must conform to CCTC’s values.


CCTC has been awarded many prestigious contracts in Abu Dhabi and other parts of the Middle East. Since it was established, CCTC has expanded its expertise in the engineering sector to become a multi-disciplined engineering and construction company. CCTC continues to grow and explore further opportunities in the engineering and construction sector. This growth is assisted by CCTC’s investment in its facilities and staff.


We hope that you find our website interesting and informative and that you continue to be a regular visitor in the future.


Saleh Muqattash