About Us

Mission Statement & Corporate Objectives

CCTC's mission statement is a reflection of the key principles that it employs in its business. These principles are corporate citizenship, ethical conduct in business, sustainability and the respect for its clients.

CCTC is committed to the delivery of excellence, innovation and client satisfaction in our field of specialization.

Corporate Objectives

CCTC's Corporate Objectives are as follows:

Client Satisfaction

High Level of Health &
Safety and the Environment

Quality, Innovation & Excellence

CCTC takes its role as a 'Corporate Citizen' seriously and closely monitors all aspects of its corporate social responsibility. All corporate citizens have a resposnsibilty to their many stakeholders including clients, employees,local communities and shareholders. CCTC is eger ensure that it fullfills all its obligations and achieves this by conducting its bussiness activities in an ethical and sustainable manner.