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CCTC is associated with the following companies






Expertise S.R.L. (Italy)          http://www.expertise.it

Expertise S.R.L., registered and based in Italy, is involved in the co-ordination of onshore and offshore site activities, technical duties including construction site back-up, basic design, processing of highly specialized manuals and laboratory testing of materials and processes.  Expertise is specialized in providing fishing and milling services for oil wells.


GEMS Engineering (Belgium)  http://www.gems-uk.co.uk

GEMS Engineering, registered and based in Belgium, provides offshore site investigation and engineering services to the international hydrocarbon and power industries. GEMS also provide investigations for fixed platforms, jack-up rigs, pipleines and subsea protection structures. GEMS is specialized in providing geotechnical and geophysical surveys.


Gai Tronics (Italy)                 http://www.gai-tronics.com

Gai Tronics is specialized in Telecom and PA/GA systems for industrial applications.