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Company Departments

CCTC consists of several departments that are each responsible for specific elements of the overall EPIC process, from design to commissioning. All company departments communicate via the latest available technology, which ensures integration of idea

Company Departments at CCTC are as follows:

Engineering & Design

CCTC has engineering capabilities in its field of specialization and has the ability to integrate other engineering specializations into the in-house set up as per project specific requirements.


CCTC’s procurement system is managed to the standard of ISO 9001: 2015 and covers the activities beginning with contract award until the materials and equipment are delivered on-site and project is handed over to the client. In addition to CCTC’s established associates around the world, an extensive pre-qualified vendors list is maintained to ensure only materials and equipment of the type and quality required are procured for projects.


CCTC use the latest version of ‘Primavera’ software as part of its project management process. This provides a structured approach to the collection of information for monitoring and control purposes.

Quality Assurance & Control

CCTC is certified to ISO 9001: 2000. The QA/ QC systems are implemented on all projects. The Quality System incorporates the role and responsibility of all personnel in the company. It begins with the review of tenders, contracts, design, and procurement and continues right through to process and document control, inspection, testing and training.

Health, Safety & Environment Management System

CCTC consider safety to be of vital importance and has safety procedures that are employed in all aspects of its business and operations. Therefore, implementation of CCTC’s HSE Management System is crucial to the safe operation of all CCTC’s activities. The HSE Management System has been developed to provide clear direction as to how CCTC meet the HSE requirements defined by UAE and worldwide legislation and appropriate corporate standards.


The implementation of safety is the responsibility of all staff employed by CCTC. This includes any sub-contractors and third parties that may be involved.


CCTC has trained and qualified safety officers that are engaged on a full-time basis.


CCTC place considerable importance on its role as a Corporate Citizen and duly recognize its responsibility in maintaining the environment. Thus, CCTC have comprehensive procedures contained in the HSE Management to ensure that environmental protection is an important element of the safety process.