Our Business

Our Strategy

Our Strategy

CCTC is a local leader in engineering and construction whose business is based on innovation, quality and client satisfaction. We are driven by our determination to be dynamic and continue to lead the innovation of engineering and construction in the oil and gas industry.

Our core strengths in the mechanical and electro-mechanical sectors have allowed us to nurture our business and seek other areas for profitable and sustainable growth. Over a 30-year period, CCTC has evolved to become a multi-disciplined EPIC service provider. Our plan to expand our services across a range of engineering and construction disciplines has served us well.

CCTC is a product of its people. Unified in the common goals of quality and customer-oriented service, CCTC staff work to ensure that all its services match the expectations of its clients. Leadership is provided from the top, but encouraged at all levels within the organization, so that CCTC can maximize its creative and profitable output. Quality and excellence are what drive us, our products and services are what define us.