HSE Management System

HSE Management System

CCTC Management believes that the company activities will be performed effectively by developing an HSE Management System (HSEMS).  This system will manage the business activities in a structured framework of control to ensure that activities are executed at all levels in accordance with HSE requirements.


CCTC has developed this document, which is limited to the implementation of HSEMS. It is intended to highlight the system elements and provide guidance for correct implementation of the system with the following objectives:


To demonstrate firm commitment towards HSEMS by adopting a pro-active approach to all HSE issues.

Every Manager and Engineer, and all members of the workforce shall accept their HSE responsibility issues and treat them the same level of importance as all company activities.

- To provide a clear and precise description of how CCTC meets the HSE requirements defined by UAE legislation and appropriate corporate standards.


The system comprises the following 12 elements:

1. Policy Statement

2. HSE Objectives

3. Risk Assessment

4. HSE Organization

5. HSE Audit

6. Communication

7. Road Safety

8. Occupational Health

9. Environmental Protection

10. Incident Reporting & Investigation

11. HSE Incentive Scheme

12. Substance Abuse Program