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Project Title :
Additional Accommodation on Umm Shaif.
Client / M.C. : ADMA-OPCO/NPCC
Year of completion : 1997

EPC for a 2 storey additional accommodation module on top of an existing 4 storey module on the offshore platform, hookup and integration with existing.
Project Title :
Qatar gas Upstream Development P.U. Platform
Client / M.C. : Qatar Liquefied Gas Co. Ltd. (QLGC)/NPCC
Year of completion : 1995

EPC for the HVAC system of the technical buildings for the process and utility platform.
Project Title :
ADMA-OPCO Umm Shaif Gas Development Project Bridge B 13
Client / M.C. : ADMA - OPCO / NPCC & Bechtel
Year of completion : 1994
Erection work related to technical buildings and fire wall for the gas development project.